The Original Travel Auction


Luxury Link’s Auctions continue to be an enduring, effective means for building brand awareness, cultivating long-term relationships with avid, enthusiastic travelers and commanding the attention of the Luxury Link audience.

Auctions let you show off the uniqueness of your property’s features to gain what Luxury Link’s high-spend, travel-savvy customers have long been known for: their loyalty. Satisfied Luxury Link customers not only return time and again as guests to your property but recommend your property eagerly to their like-minded travel peers.

Luxury Travel Auctions let you
  1. Single out and gain attention for your one-of-a-kind property.
  2. Build a special connection with one excited winner and, at the same time, prompt many more to inquire about your property and book.
  3. Build excitement around your brand and your property.
  4. Protect rate integrity through rate opacity, multi-day stays, and bundling.
  5. Gain the loyalty of high-spend, travel-savvy customers who will come back time and again to your property and recommend your property to their like-minded travel peers.

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