Visitor Profile and Travel Habits

The Luxury link Travel Group audience profile speaks for itself. The sites attract some of the most active online purchasers found anywhere, as well as some of the most affluent travelers in the USA. Our audience is dedicated to vacationing (frequently) at authentic, top-quality properties throughout the world.

“One of the best sites on the Internet to advertise to high-income audiences. A hidden den of individuals with a lot of disposable income and a penchant for indulging their travel bug.”

Visitor Profile

Average Age 45
College Degree or higher 80%
Average Income $175,000
Income over $250,000 20%
Financial Portfolio $250K-$999K 30%*
Financial Portfolio $1Million+ 15%*
Professional/Managerial 70%
C-Level & Senior Management 26%
Business Owner/Entrepreneur 21%
U.S. 70%
Western Europe 15%*
Other International 15%*
Planning trip within 90 days 72%
Takes 3 or more annual vacations 96%
Takes 5 or more annual vacations 60%
Annual Travel Spending
$10,000 + 51%
$7,100-$10,000 16%
$5,100-$7,100 19%
$2,000-$5,000 8%
Travel Internationally: 76%
The Nielsen survey shows that the Luxury Link audience does more than just dream about luxury travel. The
following graph shows the likelihood of a Luxury Link user to take this type of vacation compared to the average
online consumer.



* Portfolios are exclusive of Real Estate
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings Custom @Plan Survey


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