Hotel Marketing Program

Luxury Link enables you to leverage available inventory to gain exposure to new guests, direct bookings and non-discounted sales. Best of all, you have the ability to tell your unique story in an environment of premier properties, industry peers and sophisticated travelers.  Benefits include:

  • Direct bookings through your reservation desk and online booking engine
  • Direct connections with consumers interested in your property
  • Bookings – direct bookings for exclusive and limited-availability promotional packages

Luxury Link’s Marketing Program unlocks multiple ways for you to reach and influence potential guests. A Luxury Link Travel Group Account Executive will help create a custom selection of the promotions that best fit your needs.

Premier Program

Property Showcase
When we market your property on one of our sites, we create an inspiring property Showcase, a multi-element section of the website that highlights the best your property has to offer.  As visitors search the website, pictures and descriptions linking to your Showcase appear on destination, search, and interest pages, inspiring travelers to visit and find out more. Each Showcase includes:

  1. Direct Contact Information
    Including a toll-free phone number and links to your website – encouraging visitors to
    speak with you directly and check rates on your booking engine
  2. Media Gallery
    Highlighting your property through photos and videos supplied by you
  3. Custom Editorial
    Unique editorial description highlighting your unique features and amenities
  4. Promotional Vacation Packages
    Special multi-day packages created to exemplify the best your property has to offer.
  5. Awards
    Your awards, accolades, guest reviews
  6. Interactive Maps
    Making it easy for guests to visualize your location and how to get there
  7. Special Offers
    Giving travelers a direct link for you to contact them or include them on your email newsletter list

Performance Results
You will be supported by a dedicated account manager who will help you optimize your monthly performance and maximize your exposure.  You will also receive in-depth monthly reports on impressions, calls, bookings and leads sent directly to you.

Distribution Program

While multi-night stay distribution is part of the Luxury Link and Family Getaway Hotel Marketing Program along with direct bookings and lead generation, Vacationist is specifically designed for efficient room-only distribution.  Vacationist, the luxury private sale site, can help you increase yields during specific time periods or for specific room grades while not diminishing ADR.  This program can be used throughout the year, and sales only run for a 7-day period.

Optional Program Elements

Luxury Link Travel Group offers additional branding and promotion opportunities not included in the basic marketing program.

Newsletter Promotions
Throughout each week, Luxury Link, Family Getaway and Vacationist distribute newsletters to more than 750,000 opt-in recipients and represent an excellent way to promote properties around weekly themes.

Both display advertising and advertorial promotions are available in our weekly newsletters, and can be sent to all or part of our subscriber base.

Email Marketing
A dedicated direct response email highlighting your special offers can be sent to our opt-in newsletter subscribers on your behalf.  This is a great way to get in touch with a large user base for a special promotion.

Social Media Promotions
With nearly 100,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, we are able to mention your property to a large network of people to interact with.  We can promote your web property and also help you find new fans and followers for your own social media presence.  We can also feature in-depth reviews and photo essays on our blogs from staff after they’ve visited your property.

Display Advertising
IAB standard display advertising on our site(s) for special, time-based promotions is available, and can be focused around specific destinations or interests.

Partner Network Promotion
There is occasional promotion through email and print on preferred partner websites and magazines, like Travel + Leisure, the New York Times and Departures magazine.

Destination Pages
Every day, thousands of Luxury Link members explore our Destination Pages [add link to LL’s Destination Page] to find “vacation inspiration,” ready to book travel but without a predetermined hotel or even destination. Your property can be promoted within all relevant destination pages.

For more information about becoming a Luxury Link Hotel Partner, contact us directly
or call +1 (424) 835-3620 or +1 (212) 677-9077.

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