Luxury Travel Affiliate Ad Units

Beautiful, Simpler and More Diversified

Spend less time fishing HTML snippets out of your Commission-Junction account, and offer more diversified products to your audience with Luxury Link’s powerful affiliate merchandising platform. The “Luxury Travel Affiliate Ad Units” offer a single HTML snippet per ad unit, which can be pasted multiple times into any HTML document. Each time a page loads, a new offer is featured, keeping your ad units up to date with our best deals.

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Get More Leverage from your Ad Placements

The Luxury Travel Affiliate Ad Units are an ideal fit for remnant inventory in your premium CPM ad placements. Average remnant and contextual ad networks often feature a “Wild-West” of unsightly ads, many of which are poorly aligned with or badly reflect on your brand. In contrast, Luxury Link’s ads feature gorgeous pictures for some of the World’s most outstanding luxury vacation destinations, with packages that are almost too good to be true.

Keep Your Site Fast and Standards-Compliant

Luxury Link’s code snippets are architected for unparalleled speed and standards compliance:

  • Validating XHTML1.0 Transitional Snippet.
  • Asynchronous enabling script loaded over a top-tier content delivery network, architected to only load once per document, which further reduces memory and CPU footprint on slower devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones, while ensuring your document’s rendering flow does not get interrupted.
  • DOM-injected iframe-based creative further ensures no interruption of your document’s rendering flow.

Get the Code

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Step 3: Get the Code

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