The Online Marketing Partner for Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Connecting Consumers To Luxury Properties

• 17 years as a trusted consumer travel resource
• 750,000+ loyal customers & newsletter subscribers
• Carefully vetted properties that meet the highest standards
• Multiple award-winning websites

Established in 1997, the Luxury Link Travel Group is the leading online marketing partner for the luxury hospitality industry.  The company connects affluent, sophisticated travelers to the most renowned, top-rated accommodations around the world through it’s Hotel Marketing Program.  Additionally, we introduce this loyal consumer audience to the top endemic and non-endemic brands through Advertising and Special Promotions.


Our Award Winning Websites

The company operates two award-winning websites:

Since the beginning, Luxury Link has been connecting discerning, high-end travelers with the world’s most extraordinary luxury hotels and resorts.  Visit Luxury Link
Vacationist is a members-only private sale website created in conjunction with Travel + Leisure. It presents limited-time sales on room-night only stays at upscale accomodations.
Visit Vacationist


With more than half-million targeted, sophisticated travelers a month, the Luxury Link Travel Group is the only online travel company focused on matching consumers with the right hotel through marketing, promotions and cross-channel exposure. This unique business model provides lead generation, advertising, branding and distribution services to luxury and upscale hotels, cruise lines, tour companies and villas around the world.

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